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Check Out This New Lip Gloss That Has A LED Light And Mirror

Katie Park June 20, 2017 June 22nd, 2017 LLIP

NEOEIGHT, a new cosmetic brand designed by Binna Kristen Won is launching their first product within the next month. LLIP, which is short for LED lip gloss, is a new lip gloss that has a mirror attached and a LED light that turns on when you open the product.


We talked to designer Binna Won, a Parsons graduate, for an inside look at the product.

“Lights can come in handy more than you think, especially for those who go out at night, carry small handbags or even have bad eye sight. Now a days in the 21st century, people are expecting more and more. I figured this could be the one way that can be convenient to many girls not just as a lipgloss, but as an item that carries much more than you need in one product.

A girl who would use NEOEIGHT’s LLIP loves adventure, goes out, and has a sensible taste. She can go to a club or a lounge with her friends, and stick out and shine when she takes out LLIP in the dark to fix her makeup. She does not have to stand in a long line at a club to wait for her turn to look at the mirror. Also, when she goes out to a park or a quick outing, she can just carry LLIP in her wallet.

Although we all know that no lipgloss lasts forever, LLIP holds up for a very long time. It is a very high quality lip gloss and the color is so pigmented and rich that it almost feels like a tinted-gloss. In addition, the formula is very glossy, but non-sticky and moisturizing.”

LLIP at the club

Just last week, stylist Kim Woori featured the lip gloss on his Instagram story, and Korean idol group “Twice” used it on TV after finding the product. People are loving it so far!

Kim Woori Kim Woori

Twice Twice

There are a total of five shades:

  • Sexy Red
  • Think Pink
  • Sweet Blush
  • Sheer Pink
  • Gloss Volume


The product is set to launch next month and can be purchased on To get more updates on the product, follow designer Binna Won and NEOEIGHT on Instagram! @binnawon @neoeight