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Celebrate Good Times: Thin Mints CEREAL Is Coming [Image]

Audrey O'Brien October 25, 2016 October 25th, 2016

Girl Scouts is coming for your New Year’s Resolution Diet a few months early.

This week, it was announced that Thin Mint Cereal is coming in January 2017.


Me when seeing the cereal box picture.

Me when seeing the cereal box picture for the first time.

I’m wicked excited. I mean, I already have eaten Thin Mints for breakfast on the regular, but now it will be somewhat socially appropriate.

In other great cookie new you may have missed, next year’s Girl Scout Cookie lineup will have an additional two cookies, both an homage to s’mores. The Girl Scouts told People:

“As a nod to the different ways people ‘s’more,’ the new variety includes two versions: a crispy graham cookie double dipped in a crème icing and enrobed in a chocolatey coating and a crunchy graham sandwich cookie with a chocolate and marshmallowy filling.”

I’m going to cry.

Oh yeah, there will also be Caramel Crunch cereal that will taste like Samoas/Caramel Delight (as any cookie aficionado knows, the name differ based on what Girl Scout region you’re in), but coconut is disgusting and I will not give that gross cookie my time or attention.

I’m already all set to say bye bye to the horrendous dystopian year that is 2016, and this will just make the wait longer. I’m ready for you, Girl Scout Season 2017.

via People