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In Case You Weren’t Already Nostalgic For Early 2000s Malls…

Elizabeth Goldstein August 14, 2017 August 14th, 2017

There is now a Limited Too themed pop-up shop.

Your mom may have actually taken you to Limited Too™ after you begged her to go, or she may have just taken you to Nordstrom’s to buy socks. Thanks mom.

In case you were the Nordstrom’s socks kid and missed your chance to FiNaLlY check out a Limited Too in an unhinged and unrestricted state, we have compiled some photos and testimonials from this Limited Too pop-up shop in New York just for you.

Now Limited Too is marketed as Justice, and has a slightly different flair. So this pop-up shop is one of the few places you can #tbt it to Limited Too.

And they were thorough about recreating the Limited Too vibe! I mean look at those little blue flowers painted on the wall, and the unmistakeable pink font.

I mean, yes, it is a bit ridiculous to be walking around Manhattan on a lunch break with a backpack that looks like it should be filled with Lisa Frank pajamas.

But there are also some really useful products! Like this mini selfie fan, so you can finally have that windswept look in the comfort of your own home!

Or how about these socks that are functioning on a completely different plane from Hanes or Fruit of the Loom.

And of course in 2017, a watch has an emoji on it. This watch totally gets you, and gets that “anxious” and “nervous” are two completely different states.

Are some of these items a little too (no pun intended) ridiculous? Yes. Were they always ridiculous but at least they were age appropriate? Also yes. But hey, there is no shame in giving in to very human nostalgic tendencies and capitalism’s damn good manipulation of those nostalgic feelings.