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Cartoonist Recreates Every Page Of A 1969 Thor Comic, Including The Ads

Wyatt Otero November 10, 2016 November 10th, 2016

We really wouldn’t have a Marvel Cinematic Universe without the 60’s.

Together, artist Jack Kirby and writer Stan Lee revolutionized the genre with a decade of heroes, many of which would go on to permanently submit themselves to popular culture. So it makes sense that as part of the InkTober drawing challenge, cartoonist Adam Koford paid tribute by rewriting and redrawing the entirety of Thor #163, a classic issue.

He did it from cover to cover, and even included the ads.


AV Club has descibed it as:

“The satirical tone throughout this project could be described as a mixture of Woody Allen’s 1966 redub What’s Up, Tiger Lily? and Fox’s current Son Of Zorn.”

Here’s a great side by side comparison with the original.

The best part of the whole thing is probably the ads. The era was known for ridiculous and misleading advertisements in the back of magazine and especially comics. It was a time when companies could get away with practically straight forward false-advertising, but it resulted in some pretty awesome fake promises.


Nostalgia seems to be reigning supreme right now, but if its pushing people to rethink the classics and spin them into something that’s both original and tributary, then we are all for it.

Source: AVClub