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We Cannot Stop Staring at this Spooky LEGO Pop-Up Book In Action

Crummy October 31, 2016 October 31st, 2016

Lego: it’s not really a toy as much as it is a collection of occult artifacts that come together to form magical constructs. While the insane engineering some builders demonstrate year-round already borders on supernatural (no, not like that – except for sometimes exactly like that), it seems like Halloween always brings with it a particularly spooky dose of inspiration for these creators.

Despite the healthy competition, over the weekend, a user on Reddit shared a project that may well clinch this year’s title for Best Original Halloween Lego Build – an award we assure you is very real and very sought after. The model, a Tales from the Crypt themed pop-up book, is fully functional as a pop-up (less so as a book), and is absolutely mesmerizing in motion. Honestly, we’ve been staring at the gif below on a loop for an hour now, and the only reason we stopped is because our supervisor got angry for some reason. They mentioned something about wasting time, or there being work to do – we can’t really rember, we were thinking about the pop-up book. Just look at it below, popping and folding and shrinking and growing.

Tales from the LEGO Crypt

The project was designed by JKBrickworks (who’s designed several other stunning creations), and is currently up on Lego Ideas, a site through which original builds by fans can be licensed by Lego to sell officially. To be considered for production, a proposed set needs to reach 10,000 votes. The book has gotten 5,750 votes in the 3 days since it was first posted, so we don’t imagine this will be a problem for the project. Head over to their page if you want to pitch in your own support – there’s literally no harm it could do.