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Canadian Police Threaten To Punish Drunk Drivers With Nickelback Album

Katie Cannon November 30, 2016 November 30th, 2016

Pervasive stereotypes about Canadians would lead us to believe our friends in the Great White North are nothing but big ole softies–a country of fluffy white people that spend their days eating gravy, drinking syrup, and apologizing, eh. Do they even need law enforcement there, or is everyone too busy cuddling with reindeer and watching hockey to commit any felonies?

But Canadian cops, it turns out, are hard on crime. Thanks to a Facebook post from the Kensington police department of Prince Edward Island, the veil’s been lifted from our naive American eyes: the Hoosiers are a sadistic people.

This weekend, the police service’s FB page released a warning about their new policies regarding drunk driving. With the holiday season now in full swing, the PD’s post recognized that boozy fun times would be in high gear for the next month, and encouraged citizens to take the necessary precautions to avoid driving drunk–assigning a designated driver, arranging to stay at friends’ houses, etc. Then, to provide extra incentive against the dangerous crime, they promised a gruesome fate for anyone found to driving over the legal limit: not only would the perp be hauled off to jail and charged with a DUI, but during their transport to the police department, they’d be subjected to the force’s brand new Nickelback album.

That’s right, the island that gave us Anne of Green Gables has now weaponized Canada’s most infamous export, Chad Kroeger, as an instrument of torture. Check out the full FB post here:

Cruel, perhaps–but effective.  This is what justice looks like, sheeple.

Drive safe and sober, Canada, or you could find yourself trapped in a Nickelback prison.


Via The Verge