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Canadian Grandma Fronts Metal Band And It Rules

Miri Malek June 14, 2017 June 14th, 2017

What happens when metal music meets your mom? Usually nothing good. But we’ve found a case where this combination means great things are happening. Meet Grindmother, the 68-year-old retired social worker who now fronts a grindcore band.

This story begins two years ago, when Grindmother’s son asked her to scream into his microphone in his home studio. Grindmother says never understood his music in the past (literally, she couldn’t understand the lyrics they were screaming), but was always very supportive of his projects and wanted to help. In a not-so-typical turn of events, he actually really liked his mother’s screaming. In an even weirder turn of events, she liked it, too. He asked her to join his band.

Grindmother and her son, Rain.

Grindcore is a niche underground genre that combines the most abrasive parts of metal, hardcore, and noise music. The vocals are typically torturous, ranging from high-pitched shrieks to low, throat-shredding growls and barks.” She’s not usually into this type of music. Discussing her musical taste, she tweeted: “I’m more into The Beatles & meditation music.The grindcore thing is just a fun release,my son writes the music.” In an interview with the Morning Show, she says she “finds the music good in terms of a protesting music, something to scream about, and you know, there is a lot in the world that can be terribly improved.” Same here, Grandma!

Grindmother live in concert

Their viral hit single, “Age of Destruction,”  is continuing to make waves internationally. They got a lot of attention from Japan, and went on a world tour last year hitting Asia, the US, and Europe. To top it off, the caught the eye of Ozzy Osbourne, who sent out a tweet commenting their performance in typical Ozzy fashion:

We don’t know if that means he likes it or not.

You can decide for yourself how you like it. Check out their song “Age of Destruction” below!