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You Can Now Buy Two Hunks Of Marilyn Monroe's Hair On Auction

Katie Cannon February 21, 2016 February 23rd, 2017

Sometimes, in quiet moments, we all feel the need to evaluate our life choices–our worth as human beings. For instance: am I someone so transcendent and glorious that a stranger would pay $10,000 to own a hunk of my hair? No.

But am I a person who would spend $10,000 just to own a glamorous stranger’s lock of hair? Also a definitive no.

And yet, people like this do, in fact, exist. Two platinum-blonde locks of  27-club member Marilyn Monroe’s iconic ‘do will be up for auction this Friday, with starting bids at $3,000 and $5,000, respectively–although the Julien’s website estimates that the price for the bigger hunk of hair could skyrocket up to $12,0000.



The locks were apparently given by Monroe’s hairdresser to Frieda Hull–a member of superfan group “Monroe Six,” so named because of the six  obsession with the actress. The Six were essentially sort of low-grade, friendly stalkers, always on the hunt for a Marilyn sighting. But Marilyn was a benevolent stalkee, and had a good relationship with the six–often taking pictures with them, and once even inviting them over for dinner.

You may not have been blessed enough to meet Marilyn while she still lived, but now you can have the next best thing: something that was once attached to her head! The hair is being sold as lots 724 and 725 on Julien’s Auctions.