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California Makes a Pizza So Long You’ll Get Tired Just Looking (It’s Over a Mile)

Miri Malek June 22, 2017 June 22nd, 2017

Pizza is literally the only food I can never get tired of. So when I heard about a mile long pizza in California, I felt pretty stoked on it.

Italy earned the Guinness World Record for longest pizza last year when over 250 pizzaioli (that means pizza makers, duh) made a 6082-foot pizza. But this month, some pizza guys in California (the longest state in the union) made the longest pizza in the world. It rolled out at 6333 feet– That’s well over a mile.

A small fraction of a very long pizza

And here’s when I start to get tired of pizza. In order to get from one end to the other, I’d have to walk for more than 20 minutes (I walk a slow mile). And then I see photos like the one below, where they literally have a Venice-beach type strongman lifting a gigantic container of oregano.

Is this necessary?

And there are guys with blow torches. Like dozens of guys with dozens of blow torches. Apparently it was to melt the pizza together at the seams, but it doesn’t really add up for me. This is in the middle of a hot summer day in June in southern California– it’s already hot as hell, why add blow torches?

So hot.

I guess in California they’re pretty good at taking normal cool things and making them a bit extreme. Remember when they used huge monster trucks to move a 340-ton rock over 100 miles for the sake of art?

Southern California, home of a big rock and a big pizza.

Speaking of extreme sports and pizza, one of the head chefs already holds a world record. Tony Gemignani for the most number of off-the-shoulder flips while spinning pizza dough. This is a sport I can get down with, but I don’t think we get to eat the pizza at the end. This isn’t food, kids. This is the serious art of dough-tossing. Watch the pizzaioli himself do some 180’s with his dough below: