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Burgers Made from Insects Are Hitting the Shelves of Your Local Grocery Store

Miri Malek August 28, 2017 August 28th, 2017

It’s finally happened. The future is now. They’re taking insects, bugs, crawly-wallys, whatever you want to call them, mushing them up and turning them into ground meat, packaging it up and selling it in grocery stores.

Using insects for food has been called the future of food for a while now. They’re being looked at for food security, since they’re packed with protein and amino acids while containing relatively little fat compared to animal proteins. They take up way less space and resources than their mammalian counterparts as well.

They say it’s future food, but it’s also sort of the past, and present, since a lot of people eat insects. We’re not just talking about the 8 spiders you eat in your sleep every year (ok, this might be urban legend). Chapulines, or grasshoppers, are a staple in traditional Mexican cuisine. They’re pretty tasty, and if insects don’t have a flavor problem, they definitely have a branding problem in the west. So one company is trying to normalize their bug bites by putting it next to all of the other food you know: in the grocery store.

As of this month, grocery stores in Switzerland will start selling packaged bug burgers like the one you see above.

They’ll also be selling these delicious looking insect balls, which seem┬áto look like a “meatier” falafel.

Their packaging cuts straight to the chase.

The company who makes the packaged insect products, Essento, also features a series of DIY bug-based recipes on their website. The one shown above is for their buffalo chile. And they’re not talking buffalo sauce. The base ingredient is a wriggly creature known as the buffalo worm. The first ingredient listed is “200 grams of chilled buffalo worm.” Here’s a photo of buffalo worms in all of their natural, pre-chili glory: