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The BUFFY Binge Of A Lifetime: 24 Hours Of Slayage At The Sydney Opera House

Katie Cannon October 7, 2016 October 7th, 2016

Put on some Buffy PJs and grab your coziest Snuggie: we’re going to the opera.

Despite the raging horde of ‘roided out spiders, monstrous octopi, and various other exotic nightmare creatures that call Australia home, I’ve finally found a reason to make a trip to the land Down Under. No–not the beautiful tanned men with hot accents, or even for photo ops with adorable kangaroo cubs. My motivation for trekking to the Outback is actually my motivation for most of what I do in life: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Because Sydney’s iconic Opera House–you know, the big winged-looking beast of a building that is literally the only picture of Sydney that shows up on a Google image search?–is finally hosting an event that involves a 24-hour nonstop Buffy marathon. It’s Australia’s inaugural Binge Fest, a festival for pop culture addicts to revel in the glorious entertainment #content that shapes our societal consciousness.

Aside from the Buffy marathon, hosted by the AV Club, the Binge Fest is also putting on events like an Internet Cat Video Festival, a Beyonce vs. Rihanna dance workshop, a live Harmontown podcast, a funeral service for Harambe, and a 24-hour Street Fighter competition. Because in the age of the internet, we don’t do content casually (unless by casually you mean in our sweatpants)–we BINGE it.

It’s a nerd’s paradise. Literally, never in my life have I seen so many things I want to do and see and talk about in one place. A chance to watch endless hours BUFFY without shame? A chance to hear Dan Harmon talk about comedy? To see Shia LeBoeuf in the flesh doing absolutely anything? Yeah, he’s there too.


The festival will run from December 17-19.


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