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Planet Zee

When hippie filmmaker Zee - living together with her Granny Sam - persuades her insolent producer Serge to try...

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The Theatre Bizarre

A young woman sneaks into an abandoned theater and witnesses six bizarre tales in this modern horror omnibus i...

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Lethal Nightmare

Three brothers encounter a series of demonic creatures and killers after having bad dreams, and search their h...

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Young Hannah Queen of the...

Two archaeologists on a scientific dig come across a vampire burial ground and discover that the creatures are...

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Kiss of the Tarantula

A disturbed teenage girl unleashes her pet tarantula against her "enemies."

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House of the Living Dead

On a South African plantation, a maniac is on the loose, first killing the estate's animals, then starting on ...

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Obsessed with the promises of supernatural pleasure, tattoo artist Gregorio entangles two young women, Dri and...

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A Haunting

Through mesmerizing first-person accounts and dramatic recreations, A Haunting delves into the true and horrif...

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The Truth Will Out

A documentary crew interviews a woman and her two daughters, who they suspect are witches.

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Season of The Witch

After her father dies, a mother travels with her children to her hometown, where she discovers a secluded vill...

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The Devil's Familiar

Two students track a serial killer in to the woods... None of them come back out.

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After receiving word of his estranged mother's untimely passing, a reluctant former army lieutenant must trave...