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Bringing THE PURGE Home With New TV Series Underway

Selin Kilic October 3, 2016 October 3rd, 2016

After three years and three successful movies, The Purge is moving to television.

If you’re new to the franchise: The series of American dystopian horror films centers around a government turning a blind eye to any crime for 12 hours once a year. The one night murder-fest supposedly guarantees a peaceful and law-abiding country for the remainder of the year.

James DeMonaco, the writer and director for all three films, will be returning to bring the story to the small screen with a pseudo-anthology approach.

Currently in development, the television series will further explore the darker side of humanity, delving into why perfectly respectable people could resort to criminality. With 10 hours of content rather than the typical 90 minutes, we’re sure to get quite the show.

After this Summer’s release of their third film “Election Year” there’s been a much larger splatter than we’re comfortable with of Purge jokes recently. As it turns out, we actually might not have to wait too long to see the series.

In fact, DeMonaco revealed that we could see it as soon as next year. Get ready to add this guaranteed-to-be-gruesome show to your Watch List, as more news on the release is imminent in the very near future.

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