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The Boy Scouts Of America Are Trying To Recruit Girls

Marisa Winckowski August 29, 2017 September 19th, 2017

The Boy Scouts Of America haven’t had the best reputation for tolerance and acceptance in the past few years. They’ve become pretty well-known for upholding some archaic stancesUp until very recently, openly gay members and troop leaders were barred from joining the Boy Scouts. And up until this year, transgender boys weren’t allowed in either. So it’s hard to compete with the mostly empowerment and inclusiveness-driven Girl Scouts, who not only try to provide safe spaces for trans girls but also gift us Samoas and Thin Mints every year. In these changing cultural attitudes on gay and trans youth, parents of children young enough to be ‘scouts’ tend be a little more progressive than the previous generation. (Nothing better than hearing a 4-year-old tell you that ‘some girls marry other girls and that’s okay’ with a proud smile on her face).

Boy Scouts of America

With these changes, the Boy Scouts  have been suffering from a steep decline in membership. And according to a Girl Scouts spokesperson, this has resulted in the odd decision to try to recruit girls into the BSA to “test the appeal of a girls’ offering to milliennial parents.”

“Through various means we have learned that BSA is very seriously considering opening their programs to girls and we have made repeated efforts to engage with them and talk about the implications,’ said the spokesperson, calling the BSA ‘reckless’ in thinking that running a program specifically tailored to boys can simply be translated to girls.”

Girl Scouts

The BSA was also accused of undercutting the Girl Scouts of America and making ‘disparaging and untrue remarks about Girl scout programming’ and bullying.

This is a bizarrely desperate and sneaky move on the part of the BSA, considering the fact that they would rather appeal to girls than try to appeal to the many boys who aren’t already scouts. But it sounds like this is an indication that being a Boy Scout will be a thing of the past pretty soon. And unless they make more significant strides toward equality and start giving us cookies, that’s probably not such a bad thing.