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Beyonce’s Birthday Cake Cost Thousands of Dollars and Is Truly A Work of Art

Miri Malek September 13, 2017 September 19th, 2017

It’s still Virgo season, and we’ve got to shout out a happy belated birthday to the Virgo-In-Chief, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. And how else to celebrate your birthday when you’re the most celebrated living musician other than getting yourself a totally extra birthday cake? And why not one that looks like a huge jewel that’s just been wrestled from the earth’s core? This cake was specifically geode themed, and you can see the streaks of shining gold.

They’re calling it The Beydey Cake.

This cake is literally a work of art and cost as much as one. These cakes start at $3500. Time to put it under a glass box, stick it in a museum, and station an armed guard in front! It’s too beautiful to eat. However, after hearing the flavors, it sounds way too delicious not to snag a bite. Fitting for Queen Bey and her Beyhive, the three-tiered sparkling art piece of a cake was supposedly flavored with honey and lavender. Want.

Scroll through the slide show above to check out the cake from all angles!

The Cake Life cake shop, based in Philadelphia, didn’t know who the cake was for when the order came in. But they were left a lot of clues– the golden fan on the top of the cake, not to mention the glittering details, perfectly evoke Beyoncé’s iconic Grammy’s outfit. There’s even a pair of cookies shaped like a crown and a beehive on the side.

So we’re still not sure how a cake can cost thousands of dollars, but really, this kind of art is priceless. Whil y’all are out there buying paintings for your collection, we’ll stick with blowing several months of rent on cake, thank you very much.

And we’d be the first to cheer when Queen Bey finally declares, “Let them eat cake.”