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Beyoncé Drops a Surprise Remix for Charity

Sara Elliot October 2, 2017 October 2nd, 2017

If you’ve had enough of “Despacito” and its Justin Bieber remix, don’t worry, the “Mi Gente” remix is here. On Thursday night, without any prior hints, Beyoncé announced that she had joined the remix for the song. She will donate all her proceeds to disaster relief charities for Puerto Rico, Mexico and the other recently affected Caribbean islands.

The original song by J Balvin and Willy William, released over the summer, had already become the first all-Spanish language song to hit No. 1 on Spotify’s Global Top 50 chart.

The track keeps its original beat, described on Pitchfork as “a wailing car-horn melody laid atop the iconic reggaeton riddim”. Beyoncé’s contribution flows seamlessly with Williams’ and Balvin’s verses. She sings in English, Spanish, and a little bit of French, dedicating several of her verses to the cause: “Lift up your people/ From Texas, Puerto Rico/ Dem islands to Mexico/ Slay.”

The song is all about unity and a shared cultural pride that transcends borders, an important message in this time of need. The singer has also dedicated a section of her website to various disaster relief charities to help those affected by the earthquakes in Mexico and by the hurricanes Maria, Irma, and Harvey.

Beyoncé is no stranger to using her fame for social change. Last year, she was named the most charitable celebrity of 2016 by Only in 2016, she brought awareness to Black Lives Matter, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and gender equality.

This is only the latest effort from celebrities to raise awareness on the urgent need for help after recent natural disasters. Just a few days ago, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced the initiative “Somos Una Voz”, a humanitarian alliance with influential figures from different industries to help Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.