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Beloved Studio Ghibli Characters Cast In The Real World

Selin Kilic October 31, 2016 October 31st, 2016

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Everyone has wondered what the world would be like if their favorite animated characters inhabited their neighborhood. Some animated characters already posses such realistic human-like qualities that the boundary between animation and reality are blurred and the imaginative transition is easy. Studio Ghibli, known for their beloved and charming characters, inspired South Korean artist Kojer to brew together these imaginings with some post-production magic to give you this perplexing magical potion.

Basically we are obsessed, because this is the IRL live-action type of movie we can really support.

Check out this real-not-real video, which integrates these human like characters into the real world:

That video was awesome! And super trippy, because it didn’t seem like anyone was actually misplaced. Great stuff, as always, Studio Ghibli!

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