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Avocados Are Sending People to the Hospital and We Figured Out Why

Miri Malek May 15, 2017 May 15th, 2017

You have a craving for homemade, fully loaded nachos. Oven’s preheated, chips out, you’ve got all of the ingredients in line. Only one more thing– Someone’s got to make the guacamole. And that someone could be risking a trip to the hospital.

Or let’s say you’re making a sandwich. It seems a little dry, with the provolone and ham. Aha! Stick a little avocado in it. Not so fast– you could be putting your life on the line.

These are the situations that surgeons in the UK are concerned about, so concerned that the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons has suggested sticking a safety label on the much-beloved fruit. These aren’t superficial cuts with a dull knife. The New York Times reported on one lady was trying to fix up a delicious snack, and next thing she knows, she’s in a gurney with a $20,000 hospital bill. This is a real issue, guys.  

This got me thinking: Where are all of these home chefs learning to cut their avos? Food channel? BuzzFeed Food? Their mom?

No, they probably looked it up in the same place we all do when confronted with a task so novel, trying, and puzzling as this. A source that trumps our teachers and mentors when it comes to trustworthiness. That’s right: WikiHow To Cut an Avocado

I began to study the literature presented in this guide. Or rather, the series of 3-second videos that guide you, moment by moment, through the slicing, pitting and dicing process. I hadn’t even made it 1.5 seconds through the first video when all of my instincts screamed, danger.

The directionality of the knife is going straight into the opposite hand. DANGER!!

One wrong move and the sharp butcher’s knife will slice through the avocado’s delicate green skin… and then your hand! DANGER!!

The wikihow guide suggests “Take out the pit, if desired, by gently hacking your knife into the pit and pulling out.” GENTLY HACKING. DANGER.

Clearly, there is misleading and dangerous information out there on the internet, leading well-meaning connoisseurs of cuisine down the road of danger. Don’t believe everything you read. Consult a medical health professional before picking up that knife to make avocado toast.