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Artist Ruins $9,000 Shoes To Give 900 Pairs To Kids In Need

Selin Kilic October 4, 2016 October 4th, 2016

There is a light at the bottom of this footwear tunnel and no, I’m not talking about the fact that these shoes actually light up (though it is pretty badass).

When society’s ‘slight’ obsession with cool materialistic things goes beyond the reach of low-income youths, we (fortunately) have incredible people like renowned artist CJ Hendry.

Let me give some context:

People like sneakers, myself included, and that’s okay. But some people’s footwear collections can cost thousands of dollars (for example, Kanye’s Yeezy sneakers sell for $2,800 on Ebay) and I have also fallen prey to being a sneakerhead, so it’s nice to see people like Hendry using expensive footwear to make an impact on the community.

CJ Hendry launched the #SneakerDead project, and dipped a pair of sneakers in paint. Okay, not just any pair of sneakers, these sneakers:


If  you don’t know, these are Nike Air Mags, which retail for over $9,000. That’s right, she just ruined a pair of some of the most expensive, exclusive shoes on the market, essentially turning hip-hops sneakerhead culture upside down.


She then made a larger-than-life-size, photo-realistic pen and ink drawing, which she sold for $130,000. This amazing piece of human then donated 100% of the proceeds to Sheltering Arms youth in the form of more than 900 pairs of brand new sneakers from Kith.


Are you feeling the feels? Because we are, by tenfold. And I’m sure, the kids are too.



Teaching the youth (and grown-ups) about the worth of art and giving back is the most $Valuable thing about this story. CJ Hendry is nothing but inspiration and #lifegoals.

You can donate to Sheltering Arms Here.

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