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Artist Carves Avocado Pits into Beautiful Miniature Sculptures

Miri Malek July 20, 2017 July 20th, 2017

Jan Campbell loves avocados, but she’s brought her appreciation and understanding to deeper a more creative level than anyone we’ve ever heard of. After making a lunch using nature’s green butter, she was enchanted by the pit of the fruit. She saw it had potential. Despite never having carved in her life, she realized there might be something beautiful under its smooth shell. We’re obsessed with the results.

She calls her creations stones, pets, creatures and goddesses.

She takes the phrase “playing with your food” to an almost spiritual level.

Each sculpture is unique and so full of personality! Taking no requests, she truly carves from the heart.

Some are simpler than others.

And others live in elaborate sets.

Still others are a bit camera shy.

They fit perfectly in your palm or your pocket.

They look like they’re made from wood, but you won’t forget where they come from.

This one is right at home!

You can follow Jan’s artistic adventures on her instagram, and learn more about the story of her avocado art on her website.