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Art Student Gets Hysterically Next Level Petty For Final Exam

Selin Kilic December 12, 2016 December 12th, 2016

Every single person who has ever been in school knows that sometimes professors give absolutely absurd assignments due in an equally irrational amount of time and you’re like: “Seriously do you think I don’t sleep? You know I need time to like eat and complete the three basic S’s?”

Well, meet the gorgeous and talented fashion design student Lama Ali. She’s just done something absolutely hilarious to one of these said professor’s, and now she’s my idol:


Ali’s professor asked the small task of completing 3 finals for her fashion design class all due on the same day (nbd, because obviously like one final per class really isn’t enough stress). To show her appreciation of this “lack of work” required, she went above and beyond her classmates and included a message in ASL to her professor in one of her works:


She seriously wasn’t hiding how “high key salty” she was “about all the work that was piled upon us.” Honestly, I’m surprised this isn’t a more common form of payback. Had I thought of it, I’d have included more subliminal messages to my professors in my work too:


“After being on maximum overdrive for that long, the only thing that kept repeating in my head was ‘you got me fucked up’,” she said. “And then I decided to write it in sign language so it would be less detectible.”


Ali posted her work on Twitter thinking a few close friends would get a kick out of it. Instead, basically all of Twitter realized how #relatable this was and the tweet went viral:






To be completely honest, even without the messaging this piece is pretty fire.


And even though everyone loved her final (her professor included), some people were having trouble seeing the letters (her professor included). However, proving the power of the internet, one kind Twitter user marked the image to help:


Ali went on to say that “The secret is still safe,” as she explained her professor was not aware (at the time of writing this) that her final contained a hidden message. In fact, her teacher “absolutely loved” her painting. OBVI.

Even though Ali’s classmates were aware of the message, she said that surprisingly no one slipped up or laughed during the critique after her professor asked her about the hand symbols. She got away scott-free after she “BS-ed an excuse” saying she wanted to challenge herself by drawing some hand symbols since hands are her weak spot.


Seriously, she is on some next level hero sh!t. I’m putting her down in history as the ultimate clap-back champion.

Source: Buzzfeed