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Apple Invents New Dumb Way To Use Your Phone And We Guess What Comes Next

Miri Malek July 17, 2017 July 17th, 2017

The next iPhone won’t be launched until the fall, that’s for sure. But trend reports from around the internet are all predicting the same thing: you’re going to have to use your face to unlock it.

When Apple came out with touch ID, there were some murmurs of surveillance concerns (corporate ownership of your individual thumbprint), but it opened more doors than it closed. Many financial apps, including PayPal, a variety of banks, and quick-pay technologies, use touchID in lieu of a password. With the touch of a finger, you could spend money, faster and easier. Progress.

But now the tech-trend detectives have put together the clues and revealed that Apple seems to planning on taking this key personalization to the next level. They want to remove the touchID button, and unlock the phone by reading your face instead. They say it’s even more secure than touchID, because the face-reader uses way more data points.

In the spirit of predicting the future of tech and cyber security, we’re suggesting a few ways Apple can make their new iPhone even more secure and tailored to you.

Physically Lock It In a Safe

No one said safety was convenient. Your phone is so important, and where do you put important things? In a safe, obviously. Preferably, iron, or maybe a titanium alloy. You must correctly dial the iCombination for the iLock while turning the iKey.

Tell It Secrets Only You Know

Instead of touchID or facial recognition, the most cutting-edge security system will consist of an added step at start up. Where you would normally program in your fingerprint, instead you will whisper in a hushed, hoarse voice your deepest, darkest secrets, the things you don’t tell anyone. Then, every time you want to open your phone, you have to repeat one of the secrets. Since no one but you knows about those skeletons in the closet, it’s a foolproof way to make sure you’re the only one who has access to your phone.

Supply a Urine Sample

We’re not sure that you can test for identity with a pee test, but maybe this will prevent folks from snapchatting while intoxicated. More than a security system, it’s a public service.