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The ‘Annihilation’ Trailer is Here and We Are Hyped

Sara Elliot September 28, 2017 September 28th, 2017

This is one sci-fi adaptation we can’t wait for. We got a first look at “Annihilation”, coming February 23, 2018, on the teaser trailer released today. Based on the book of the same name by Jeff VanderMeer, the film was written and directed by Alex Garland. You may remember him as the director of the android thriller “Ex Machina”.

The movie features Oscar Isaac, also seen in “Ex Machina”, but the real protagonists of the movie are a team of four female scientists. Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, and Tessa Thompson play a biologist, a psychologist, an anthropologist, and a surveyor.

“Annihilation” starts with the biologist’s husband (Isaac) disappearing on an environmental disaster zone. The biologist puts her name forward for the next expedition, and from what we can see in the trailer, she finds a pretty scary yet psychedelic landscape.

Alex Garland explained to Entertainment Weekly that they were going for something weird and beautiful. “The beauty part of it was quite important. Even when it’s grim, and something dark is happening, there’s quite an overt beauty, and we took pains to make sure that happened.”

Strong women have always been essential in science fiction, but it’s still exciting to see well-rounded female characters in the spotlight. 2016 gave us a film centered on a team of women in the “Ghostbusters” reboot, a movie both funny and refreshing. We also got “Arrival”, a beautiful, chilling film about a linguist who learns to communicate with aliens. And it’s not the end of it, since the next few years will bring an adaptation of Octavia Butler’s sci-fi classic “Dawn”.

We can’t tell how the characters of “Annihilation” will turn out until we actually see it, but it looks pretty good so far. It features a strong cast and beautiful visuals and will hopefully pave the way for a more diverse, female-led genre in the next few years.