This Animator Just Inserted Deadpool Into All Of Disney's Most Wholesome Classics [Video] | YUYU YUYU

This Animator Just Inserted Deadpool Into All Of Disney’s Most Wholesome Classics [Video]

Katie Cannon February 28, 2017 February 28th, 2017

You might not think Disney princesses and Deadpool share much of a fanbase, but alas, there you’d be wrong–at least in the case of one Butch Hartman, aka the genius creator behind FAIRLY ODD PARENTS and DANNY PHANTOM.

In “Deadpool Invades Disney,” Hartman decided to insert Marvel’s foul-mouthed superhero┬áinto some of Disney’s most iconic animated movies. No one is safe from Ryan Reynold’s spandexed snark as Deadpool infiltrates the sunshine-and-daisies worlds and musical numbers of the House of Mouse’s greatest hits.

But seriously: what if Deadpool and Disney actually occupied the same fictional universe? Now that Disney owns Marvel, maybe this mashup could become a hilarious (if horrifying) reality.

Check it out: