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Adidas Releases Puke-Proof Shoes Perfect For All Your Oktoberfest Shenanigans

Lucy Gregor October 10, 2017 October 10th, 2017

Adidas has released the perfect fall shoe for you to add to your autumn wish list, right up there with pumpkin spice lattes, cozy candles, and big ole blanket scarves. These shoes are built to withstand the wildest of fall excursions, promising to hold up even during one of the most notorious events of the season, Oktoberfest.

The sneakers, which feature a classic Adidas style and are made of leather, feature a durable puke and beer repellent coating. Abbreviated to DPBR (yes, a coating that is specifically made to withstand booze and vomit has its own abbreviation), this repellent ensures that your shoes can make it through any Oktoberfest celebration, Halloween party, or just good old fashioned get together without sacrificing your stylish footwear in the process.

The sneakers, called the “München Oktoberfest,” pay homage to the city that hosts Germany’s Oktoberfest each year, Munich. The München is actually an Adidas shoe dating back to the seventies, but this edition adds some uniquely German flair to the style. Some of the embroidery on the leather is inspired by the stitching on lederhosen. The traditional German toast, “Prost,” is also stitched on each side next to the classic Adidas stripes. Even the interior of the shoe echoes a classic aspect of Oktoberfest – a red and white checkered pattern, same as the tablecloths used at the festival each year. The brown and gold colors of the exterior evoke the fall season. Oh and of course, they were made to withstand beer spills.

Of course, some of these smaller details may be lost on those simply looking for the best party shoe ever created. Or perhaps party-goers are hoping for other Adidas styles themed for various festivals and events (we’re looking at you, Mardi Gras). While Adidas hasn’t made any inclinations that they’re releasing more festival-themed sneakers, they are planning on rolling out more shoes with the DPBR coating.

The “München Oktoberfest” will set you back a cool €199.95 (or $240), but who’s to say they’re not worth the investment. Besides, if you drink enough beer, you’ll forget how much you paid in the first place and just wake up happy your kicks are as fresh as they day you bought them.

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