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Sarah Ramos Finds Rom-Com She Wrote As a Kid, And Makes Web Series

Gina Ginsberg March 29, 2017 May 1st, 2017

I have a ton of ideas for a screenplay, man.

Then maybe actually write it. Or maybe use an idea you had in the fresh of your youth and at least make a web series.

Sarah Ramos from Parenthood and American Dream found a script she wrote when she was 12 in 2003 about a woman in the big city looking for love with a supportive yet snarky best friend, conflict and hilarity ensues. Instead of getting shy about her preteen perspective on adult love stuff, she went ahead and produced the thing!

City Girl is about a Casey, a twenty-something who owns her own business, is plagued with crippling migraines and goes on bizarre non-dates with her doctor but also her love interest. The whole show has this sort of cheeky voice that it is knowingly from them mind of a preteen. The dialogue is awkward and self aware and it also is set in the 2000s so, great pastels, crimpy hair, lots of denim and bright furry chairs.

Ramos knew good rom-com tropes at a young age, and it includes a spunky yet supportive best friend a la Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Dylan Gelula. Other

New episodes are being continuously released on the Super Deluxe Twitter account, and the first six can be seen on YouTube below. The cast has some pretty good gets including Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat as the doctor’s assistant, Cougar Town’s Dan Byrd as Casey’s fratty ex-boyfriend, Heathers’ Brendan Scannell as the aggressively gay nurse, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Esther Povitsky as Casey’s sad co-worker. Stay tuned for a classic rom-com ethical conflict; should the doctor pretend Casey has a medical problem so he can continue to see her?

Watch City Girl:

This is inspiring and I am going back to my parents house this weekend to look through all my middle school diaries for my next big script.

Via: A.V. Club