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About Us

Alas, movie lover. You’re lost: adrift in a sea of pumpkin spice entertainment, a media world saturated with so-called “classics,” laugh-tracks and basic-cable BS.

Until now.
Now, friends, you have Yuyu.

Welcome to the FREE & easy digital streaming service bringing you the best TV & movies from around the world and under the radar. Streaming straight at your sofa, 24/7.

Feel like a horror flick? Got you covered.
Feel-good rom-com for a ladies (or dudes—no judgement) night-in? Look no further.
Cult favorite? Plenty of kool-aid here.
Whimsical Korean War film starring the pixiest of manic pixie dream girls? Yeah. That too.

Basically: streaming Yuyu means you can do you.

Whatever that means.