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Able-Bodied Straight Cis White Male Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against Yahoo

Audrey O'Brien October 10, 2016 October 10th, 2016

Yahoo’s in trouble again, and this time not just because it’s not 2001. Another discrimination suit has been filed by former editor of the homepage, Scott Ard.

Below out the only thing left of worth from Yahoo, Yahoo! Answers:

Whatever happens to Yahoo, I pray to God they preserve Yahoo Answers.


Ard claims that the current CEO, Marissa Mayer, is actively trying to rid the company of men. This was carried out through two female managers who came to manage him in 2013. Allegedly, before Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Savitt and Yahoo News editor-in-chief Megan Liberman were in charge, Ard’s performance reviews were stellar. He was fired in 2015 after three and a half years with Yahoo, after failing to meet ‘satisfactory’ standards.

The lawsuit is quite similar to that of another ex-employee, Gregory Anderson. Anderson and and Ard share the same attorney. Hmm. The progression of their disgruntlement with the company is described in the lawsuit:

Media Org top management went from less than 20-percent female to being more than 80-percent female under Savitt’s management. Of 16 senior-level editorial employees hired or promoted by Savitt during an 18-month period, 14 of them were female, Ard alleges.


It’s a little weird that Ard seemed unconcerned when these numbers were flipped at Yahoo. Maybe he can work at one of the over 95% of Fortune 500 companies that have male CEOs.

Here are some alternate theories to why he could’ve gotten the boot:

  • Many of his male coworkers complained about the quality of his work
  • His new, more competent managers realized he was a poor fit
  • He sucked at his job (I don’t remember anyone ever raving about Yahoo’s homepage)
  • Or, maybe Mr. Ard is right, and we apologize if anyone was offended

Yahoo’s spokeswoman Carolyn Clark responded to the lawsuit with the following:

This lawsuit has no merit. We are focused on hiring employees with broad and varied backgrounds and perspectives. Our performance review process was developed to allow employees at all levels of the company to receive meaningful, regular, and actionable feedback from others. It also allows for high performers to engage in increasingly larger opportunities at our company, as well as for low performers to be transitioned out.”

It should be interesting to see how this plays out.

via Ars Technica