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A Small Town With a Big Heart for Valentines

Pocky Chinchilla February 14, 2017 February 14th, 2017

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is a small-ish town with a big heart for Valentines day. Every year for the February holiday, the town of Loveland, Colorado has what they call their Valentine’s Re-mailing Program.

The reason I know all this, is because (full disclosure), I’m from this town.

For two weeks a year, precious little cards from all around the world pour into our town, carrying cute romantic notes and other lover’s sweet nothings, where the missives go straight to the local “Sweetheart City” Post office to be redecorated, stamped with a poem thats unique every year, and sent along with hundreds of thousands of other’s, to their eagerly awaiting – or perhaps unexpecting – recipients.

It’s adorable.

This year’s poem is:
From the Sweetheart City in a land of love,
Warm Thoughts of you are sent above.
On Wings they fly from land to sea,
Searching and finding the one to be.

Oh. Also each year there is a unique little stamp. Here is one from 2008:

Check out more info here and think about sending us Lovelanders a love-letter. 💌💌💌

Happy Valentine’s day!