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A Harry Potter Fan and NASA Engineer Are Bringing the Leaky Cauldron to Life

Sophia Castany June 8, 2017 June 8th, 2017

Good news for Potterheads everywhere! (Especially those residing in London.) A Harry Potter superfan and his NASA engineer friend have teamed up to open up The Cauldron Wizarding Pub & Inn, inspired by the Leaky Cauldron from the Harry Potter universe. Matthew Cortland will provide all the knowledge from the wizarding world and his partner Travis Davis will be the one to bring the magic to life using technology.

Unfortunately, due to licensing issues, they are not legally allowed to use the name Leaky Cauldron. They also cannot serve items such as butterbeer and other treats that appear in the Harry Potter franchise. Instead, they will be supplied by local brewing companies that will enhance the London experience and will be hosting events such as book signings and readings, trivia nights, fundraisers and movie nights.

Matthew says in their promotional video that their main focus is opening up the pub first which will draw inspiration from other authors that have created fantasy worlds such as J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis as well. If they can raise enough money, they will also open the part for the inn upstairs.

So far what they plan to do is develop a wand that customers can use to control the magic of lighting a fire and opening the door to their room. Other types of magic won’t require a wand, such as floating candles and moving portraits. This magic will be made through the use of magnets, voice recognition software, and key fob technology.

Due to the heavy use of technology they will rely on, they have started a campaign to raise the money they need. The dynamic duo have set up a $500,000 fundraiser on Kickstarter that goes live on June 26. Coincidentally, it just so happens to be the day that the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was published 20 years ago.

Go ahead and check out their website for more information.

Via Huffington Post