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99 YO Woman Fulfills ‘Going to Jail’ Bucket List Goal

Selin Kilic March 1, 2017 March 1st, 2017

Most people spend their whole lives trying to avoid the slammer, but not this 99-year-old Granny! After almost 10 decades of being a law abiding citizen the woman, known only as Annie, decided she wanted to “experience a police cell from within” before she died. The daring Dutchwoman enlisted the help of her local police department, and they gladly obliged!

While citizens who have not committed crimes are not permitted to be in cells, the coppers at the Nijmegen-Zuid police station were obviously alright with making this rare exception for Annie.

To make her jail bird dreams come true, the local police picked Annie up from her home, and “briefly allowed” to sit in a cell with fastened handcuffs. From the pictures, it’s pretty clear this is a day neither law enforcement nor Annie will ever forget! Just look at this little rebel without a cause:

Check and check! With one bucket list item down successfully, and who knows how many more to go, we certainly hope the rest of this wild woman’s #lifegoals pan out well.

She may have just scratched one off her list, but she just added one to mine: be this badass when I get old.

Source: BoredPanda