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90’s Favorite ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark?’ Gets Remake

Selin Kilic October 27, 2016 October 27th, 2016

OKAY so I embellished a little, only the intro of the 90’s-hit Nickelodeon show Are you Afraid Of The Dark gets the remake in this sad, oh so glassy modern era. But I swear, these 3 minutes will have you reeling with all the 90’s aesthetic nostalgia you need (for today at least).

To give you a bit of history, last year a Colorado based video studio called SneakBoy challenged themselves to remake the intro and they NAILED it like a coffin. So why are we resurfacing this if it’s old news? Well SneakyBoy just released an 8 minute behind-the-scenes (in time for Halloween obvs) showing us what exactly went into this re-creation!

The video explains pretty much everything about shooting in creepy clown cemeteries and despondent parks at night along with what is actually in that famed magic powder (hint: the ingredients are technically¬†a necessary type of morning-magic). They even discuss the ‘borrowing’, please read: using without permission and hoping for the best, of certain props – all in the name of love (for the show), of course. Watch the remake video, then the spill-all yourself:

Full deets:

Source: A.V. Club