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This Ivorian Artist Makes Beautiful Sculptures Out of Her Hair

Sophia Castany June 21, 2017 June 21st, 2017

Black. Girl. Magic.

Laetitia Ky is an aspiring fashion designer from the Ivory Coast who has found a very original way to show her hair some love. She uses her hair to create a range of abstract to lifelike sculptures. In a world where girls are being sent home from school for breaking dress codes that discriminate against them wearing their hair naturally, Laetitia is revolting by creating art that shows that she is proud of her natural hair.

Her latest series is a collection of photos displaying two hands helping her do everyday tasks and the Internet went crazy for it. Set against a yellow backdrop, Ky demonstrates in these pictures just how useful her hair can be.

Your hair knows the exactly how to get that lighting for the perfect selfie


It will help you appreciate the wonders of nature


Your hair can help you solve even the toughest of problems


It will improve your flirting game


While appealing to the intellectual that you are


It will even pretend to be shocked with you


Most of all your hair will help you have fun and feel good about yourself

For more pictures of her amazing artwork, visit her Instagram or Facebook and don’t forget to show a little love.