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6 Avocado Toasts That Are Worth Not Buying a House

Miri Malek May 27, 2017 May 27th, 2017

As if there hasn’t been enough madness regarding Australians and avocados lately, millionaire Tim Gurner decides to offer some completely unsolicited “advice” to millennials regarding their avocado consumption. He blames the low rate of homeownership in the millennial on the fact that people are buying expensive avocado toast at brunch. Although I love listening to the economic tirades of the .1%, I love eating even more. So here’s six brunch-ready avocado toasts that are totally worth not buying that house.


The Duplex

We call this one the duplex. With two stories of multigrain toast, you’re really getting a two-for-one deal with this purchase. The heirloom tomato and poached egg are staples of this style of construction. At $11, would you rather put that down payment on breakfast or a mortgage?

The Villa

Greek-revival wholesome brunch. Start with neoclassic pillars of avocado places on the toasted foundation, and then smash it into a paste. Smear on strained and dry yogurt. Take a dip in the warm Mediterranean waves. Wait, sorry– you spent 35% of your paycheck on toast, so you might have to settle for the public pool.

SS Supreme

The Chalet Bungalow

It may appear small, occupying a single story, but the interior is sprawling. The curried avocado smash is an exotic touch that will impress all of your neighboring diners. A bite of this will make you appear eons more cultured and intelligent than having a 401k!

The Mansion

This toast is the stretch Hummer of bread. Well, size-wise, so don’t take that as a an insult to its character. I can’t even tell if that’s a poached egg or a dollop of goats’ cheese. Whatever, either way this toast is glam.

The Rustic Cottage

Maybe you don’t want to be so showy with your wealth. Take this humble dish, with a rustic red pepper blend complementing the unpretentious avocado and sourdough beneath. With a healthy heap of arugula on the side, we know whoever orders this values quality over quantity when making an investment.