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5 highlights from this year’s Oscar nominees

Sara Elliot January 23, 2018 March 5th, 2018

The nominees are here! You’ve probably read over the main categories like best picture, director, and actress. But what’s special about 2018’s nominees? Here are some of this year’s highlights, firsts, and record-breaking nominees.

#1 The Directors’ Category

They’re not all white men? Say whaaaaat

After eight years of only men (mostly white) dominating this category, Greta Gerwig has been nominated for her work on “Lady Bird” and Jordan Peele for “Get Out”. This is the first time since Kathryn Bigelow’s 2010 nomination for “The Hurt Locker” that a woman is nominated in this category. Bigelow, by the way, is the only female filmmaker to win the award for Best Director.

#2 Octavia Spencer

Get it girl.

Spencer is nominated for her supporting role in “The Shape of Water”, making her the only black actress to follow up an Oscar victory with two nominations. She previously won in this category for “The Help”, and received her first post-win nomination for “Hidden Figures”.

This also makes her the first black actress to receive two consecutive nods from the Academy in back-to-back years. With a third nomination to her name, she also ties with Viola Davis as the most nominated black actress in the awards’ history.

#3 Cinematographer makes history

But seriously how did it take us this long?

“Mudbound”earned four Oscar nominations, and one of them is a huge first. Rachel Morrison’s nomination for Best Cinematography makes her the first woman ever to be nominated for this category.

#4 Meryl breaks her own record

But is anyone surprised?

Yep, Meryl Streep just broke a record set by herself. She’s just earned her 21st nomination for “The Post”, making her the actress with most Oscar nominations.

“I am honored beyond measure by this nomination for a film I love, a film that stands in defense of press freedom, and inclusion of women’s voices in the movement of history”, she said after receiving her nomination.

#5 James Franco snub

Yeah. We noticed.

This may well be another first. After allegations of sexual misconduct following his Golden Globe win, James Franco was overlooked in the Academy Award nominations for best actor. His performance for “The Disaster Artist” had been receiving high praise and several awards, and while the film itself was nominated in other categories, Franco was not. If this is due to the allegations against him, this could be another step towards changing the culture of sexual harassment that is being exposed in Hollywood.