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47 Years Of Love: Sesame Street Celebrates It’s Birthday!

Selin Kilic November 11, 2016 November 11th, 2016

Yesterday we celebrated a big bird with an even bigger heart when Sesame Street announced it was the show’s 47th birthday!

In the ultimate #tbt the show tweeted parts of it’s first episodes, showing us all our fuzzy friends in their younger years.

We got to see some of our favorite characters, who taught roughly three generations of us about love and kindness, in all of their original glory. This includes Oscar the Grouch, who is oh so relatable as an adult, and, apparently, not originally green!

Maybe it’s all the mold from living in the garbage that dyed his hair to be the color my generation is familiar with?

You also get to see Big Bird: Can you tell me how to get, this Sesame Street song out of my head!


Even Kermit makes an appearance – with Cookie (Veggie now?) Monster alongside him making life kinda difficult. But as we all know, Kermie is really good at rolling with the punches…

Thanks for the memories!

Source: 12News