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The Greatest Debate of 2016: HOW DO YOU SAY “READ RECEIPTS?”

Katie Cannon November 1, 2016 November 1st, 2016

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who turn off their read receipts on iMessage (i.e., reasonable humans), and those who leave them on (i.e. Satan). Everyone knows this.

But you may not have known that there are two MORE kinds of people in the world: those who pronounce “read receipts” in the present tense, like “reed receipts,” and those who pronounce it in the past tense, as “red receipts.”

If you’re like me, you were not even aware that this other faction even EXISTED, and are now questioning everything you’ve ever accepted as truth in this world. Such is the case for many a disgruntled Twitter user, leading to a huge trending debate over the way to say this word that literally no one ever says out loud.

It all started with a piece about the phenomenon in the Hairpin, wherein a writer discovered and grappled with fact that people actually said “reed” receipts instead of “red.” But the issue didn’t go truly viral until Twitter user/writer @yc posted a (since deleted) poll asking people where they stood on the issue.

And then all hell broke loose.

Everyone took sides:

In the “red” camp, people argued that their option made the most grammatical sense–since the function acknowledged that the recipient had “read” the message already, past tense. The “reed” side (aka the RIGHT side) for the most part admittedly has less logic-based reasons and more of an intuitive ~feeling~ about the whole thing.

BUT a few have come up with solid linguistic evidence for “reed:”

Also the man who CREATED iOS says “reed,” so shouldn’t we just trust Word of God on this one?

Either way, this whole debate is just another way 2016 is tearing the world apart.

But it’s fucking “reed,” guys. The Apple guy says “reed.” Mic says “reed.” Jesus says “reed,” probably.

*Read* it and weep, red-ders.

Via Twitter, The Hairpin