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Renaming NYC Landmarks After Incredible Women Instead Of Dudes

Katie Cannon October 17, 2016 October 17th, 2016


“New York City is, like most cities, a manscape,” writes Rebecca Solnit in “City of Women”–a multi-media piece for The New Yorker comprised of one part sad truths, one-part scathing commentary, and two parts assertive hope for a powerful lady-filled future.

Naming has power; and in a country where a female president is only just now becoming a thing, women have been rendered largely powerless–that is, anonymous. Just look at the streets of New York City, which are named for every famous dude that did just about anything relevant in the last 5,000 years. Look at the NYC’s bridges, its monuments, its statues, and city squares and subway stations: all men. Our one female claim to fame? The vague symbolic visage of The Statue of Liberty. As Solnit points out, “Statues of women are not uncommon, but they’re allegories and nobodies, mothers and muses and props but not Presidents.”

Solnit would like to change that. So she’s proposed a new map of NYC’s transit system, one that renames each stop to honor one of the city’s amazing women, both drawn from history books and ripped from today’s headlines .


The new-and-improved map includes famous feminists like Susan B. Anthony and Gloria Steinem and Susan Sontag, writers like Joan Didion and Toni Morrison and Edith Wharton, entertainers like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. A whole new city dominated by strong, smart, world-changing women, marked according to where they did their work and lived their incredible lives.

Head to the New Yorker to read the full article and zoom in on the feminist map.


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