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30 Rock’s Hilarious Fake Companies Now Have Legit Logos

Katie Cannon November 14, 2016 November 14th, 2016

Come, 30 Rock fans–emerge briefly from your bottomless Netflix pit to revel in Studio 6H nostalgia! Remember the dozens of oddly specific businesses of shady repute name-dropped by the gang (mostly Jenna) throughout the show’s 7-year run? Ready your wallets and gird your loins: Graphic designer/TV nerd Rob Yeo has brought the bizarro sensibilities of 30 Rock businesses into the real world.  From Royal Tampa Academy of Dramatic Tricks to Tracy Jordan’s Institute for Black Karate, all your fave absurdist enterprises just got a kick-ass marketing team, and you’re their target demographic.

Ok, so they’re still not actual companies–obviously none of these places had plausible business models–but with these new logo designs, we’re this close to handing over our credit cards


Jenna: ‘This is why I hated my first two weeks at the Royal Tampa Academy of Dramatic Tricks: No one knew who was the sluttiest. But I showed them. Oh, I showed them all.”



Jack, on Tracy : “His movies gross millions, his comedy albums go platinum, and he owns the only giraffe team, The New York Necks.”


Jack’s mom: “This is a disgrace! What are my chums at the Death Shore Retirement Community going to say when I tell them that my unmarried son has knocked up a Protestant!?”



Remember when Jenna was almost the Wool Council spokeswoman? We’re a little disappointed he didn’t involve Woollie, the institution’s terrifying mascot, in the logo.


Jenna: “No way; I have too much to lose now. I am this close to becoming the spokesperson for the vaginal mesh industry. Vaginal Mesh, Nice Try Prolapse. Now if you want to take the fall for this, be my guest, but I can’t be connected to it in any way.”


Young Jenna: “Keep you and your pets safe with Gator Hater gator spray!”
Jenna’s Mom: “Honey, you gotta get closer to the gator. We drove eleven hours to get here and you’re not getting any of them!”


Jack: “As I recall, you own the Tracy Jordan Institute for Black Karate.”

Tracey: “You wouldn’t believe this, but that business failed. I blame Obama.”



Tracey: “Perfect, just when I get back from Maiden Voyage, Newark’s first offshore gentleman’s barge.”



Jenna: “These are the building blocks of the craft of acting. Something I have dedicated my life to, ever since my very first job as ”Baby Stuck in Well” in a commercial for Well Guards. ‘Well Guards. Guard your well… well.'”

Kenneth: “I remember that commerical. You were a fat baby.”


Via AV Club