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Wiz Khalifa Pays Homage To STRANGER THINGS With A Theme Song Sample

Selin Kilic February 20, 2016 February 23rd, 2017

Now that Wiz Khalifa is finished touring with Snoop Dogg, it appears he has finally had a chance to binge watch some summer TV. And it sounds like he is just as obsessed with Stranger Things as the rest of us.

Last Wednesday Wiz tweeted:

and his followers went crazy. Someone even made a graphic for the header:


Although the lyrics are more Wiz-focused, somewhat like his version of Drake’s ‘Started from the Bottom‘, there are some parallels that can be drawn between the song and the show, other than the beat.


In the chorus, it appears as though to Khalifa, finding fame isn’t much different than finding a second dimension. Regardless, the cover art and song released en masse has really completed the shows absorption into hip-hop culture. Even if he isn’t technically the first hip-hop artist to feature the theme song (See Andy Mineo).


Who knows, maybe Wiz took one from his tour companions playbook with ‘Oh Sookie‘ and is angling for a cameo on the next season. But we’ll leave the rest of the theories up to fans.

Listen to ‘Stranger Things’:

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