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20 Disney Sidekicks Reimagined As Pokémon

Katie Cannon February 24, 2016 February 23rd, 2017

Pokémon + Disney = The perfect marriage of childhood nostalgia. Cartoon worlds collide in these pieces by illustrator & costume designer Wilberth Gonzalez, in which princesses are kickass Pokemon trainers. Each of their gangs of sidekicks are redesigned as different Pokémon species, while still rocking that classic Disney aesthetic.

It’s the mashup you never knew you needed:

Cinderella and her dress-making Ratatta friends (and Meowth enemy)


Sleeping Beauty walking once upon a dream with the company of a makeshift Butterfree, Farfetch’d, & Oddish prince:


Ariel adventuring with a Magikarp Flounder and Krabby Sebastian:



Princess Jasmine exploring a whole new world with Mankey, Arcanine, and Spearow:


 Mulan saving the Han dynasty with her Dragonaire guardian and Caterpee good luck charm:


Pocahantas painting with all the colors of wind alongside Doduo, Eevie, and Slobro:



Snow White getting homey with seven Mr. Mimes:


Rapunzel being #hairgoals with Rapadash & Squirtle:


And finally, BRAVE’s woods witch getting ~magical~ with Tangela: