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This 1993 Yearbook Quote Predicts A 2016 World Series Win For The Cubs

Katie Cannon October 31, 2016 November 1st, 2016


You probably don’t care about baseball, as it is very very boring. Who really does, outside of misguided Little Leaguers and like, that family friend that you call Uncle Dan except he isn’t actually your uncle?

But you probably DO care about ~magic~ and this, my friends, is some spooky. baseball-related. wizard. shit.

Way back in 1993 (the year I was born, so already a reputably ~magical~ time), one high schooler put his yearbook senior quote to a singular and sacred purpose: predicting the eventual victory of his home team, The Chicago Cubs–23 years in the future.

Underneath Michael Lee’s photo, the quote reads: “The Chicago Cubs. 2016 World Champions. You heard it here first.”

A risky prediction, considering the Cubs hadn’t qualified for a world series in a long-ass time–nor did they for the following 22 baseball seasons. UNTIL NOW. In 2016, the Cubs are actually headed to their first World Series championships in 71 years.

So Michael Lee is probably a psychic and possibly a witch. Where do his powers of divination come from–heaven? hell? the #witchesofInstagram tag?  Who knows? But that leads me to a larger question for Michael Lee: if you can wield magicks and experience Nostradamus-like visions of the future, why the fuck are you wasting your talents on BASEBALL? COULDN’T YOU HAVE PUT THESE SKILLS TO BETTER USE?? COULDN’T YOU HAVE WARNED US ABOUT TRUMP?

It was Michael Lee’s fellow Mission Viejo High School alum Marcos Meza that found the prophetic yearbook quote and brought it to the media’s attention; according to NBC, Lee hasn’t responded to requests for comment. Probs trying to avoid an inconvenient stake-burning.