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12 Summer Pool Floats That Say You Chilled in Style This Summer

Miri Malek August 29, 2017 September 19th, 2017

You’re summer days are dwindling, but it’s still hot enough to hit the last pool parties. And it’s not a waterside chill without a collection of 12 food/emoji/cartoonish pool floats, so we made an essential checklist of floats for you. Let’s see if you really chilled this summer.

Big Donut

donut float

If this giant donut wasn’t sandwiched between your butt and the pool’s surface this summer, you have no chill. It’s like the not-lame version of the classic water tube. Only acceptable if it has sprinkles and a fat bite taken out of it, Homer Simpson style.

Flip Flop

flip flop floaty

You see someone pulling up to the pool party wearing flip flops, you’re thinking “That’s chill AND functional.” And then they whip this out. And it has a spot near the pinky toe for the pool beer. Now that’s chill and functional. Call us when they release the Crocs version.


Swan Float

This is a total classic, T-Swift did it two year ago, oldie but goodie.

Bootleg Swan

Bootleg Swan Float

Even cooler.

Rainbow Unicorn

Unicorn float

Literally why not??


Avocado Float

Complete your Avocado-brand lifestyle (avocado toast, latte etc) with this funky float. You didn’t live if you weren’t curled up in the center this summer.

Hearts for Eyes Emoji

heart eyes emoji float

We don’t actually know the colloquial name for this emoji, so we described it anatomically. But you’ve got to let everyone at the water-themed function know that you LOVE summer, you LOVE water activities, and you LOVE chilling.

Stack of Benjamins

Benji Float

Pool floats cost a ton of money, sometimes hundreds of dollars, so you might as well buy a huge stack of benjamins to offset those costs!

Eggplant Emoji

Eggplant Float

Let everyone know you’re a real tool when you float on by with this veggie!


Cheezeburger Float

Fire up the grill and get ready to chill.

Pizza, Full Pie

Pizza Pie Float

You better have 8 friends and 8 slices just so you can take this pic.

Poop Emoji

Happy poop float

Best. 💯