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12 Covetable Movie Homes for Every Personality

Dana Lee February 22, 2016 February 23rd, 2017

Here are 12 silver screen digs that truly speak to our varying personalities.

1. For the stark minimalist:
Patrick Bateman’s apartment in American Psycho

americanpsycho2Pat Bateman’s pristine “white on white with a touch of black” abode has nary a dust bunny in sight. Sleek and modern, it’s perfect for either those who despise messy clutter, or, you know, a crazy, psychopathic serial killer.

2. For the flea-market artist:
Amélie Poulain’s apartment in Amélie

amelieAmélie’s quaint apartment is full of curious knick-knacks and tchotchkes amidst a rich, red and gold wallpapered backdrop. From her pig-in-a-smoking-jacket lamp to her cone-of-shame dog portrait, there’s an abundance of fun treasures for any eccentric artist to get inspired by.

3. For the quirky collegiate:
Holly Golightly’s apartment in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

breakfastattiffanysHolly Golightly’s home is reminiscent of that sparse, “just moved in” vibe of a college apartment. Her furniture largely consists of unique, repurposed pieces that could either have been picked up from the curb or handed down from moving seniors. (Who wouldn’t call dibs on that clawfoot tub sofa?) The more-or-less lack of furniture makes it the perfect place to host raging parties for the budding college socialite.

4. For the urban hipster:
Tom Hanson’s apartment in (500) Days of Summer

500days2Chalkboard wall? Check. Cheap stool as a side table? Check. Artful display of a chalk-drawn headboard, taped up posters, and lists on said chalkboard wall? Check. Check. Tom Hanson’s creative space has all the makings of a plaid wearing, vinyl collecting, fixie bike riding, bearded, hip n happenin’ hipster’s humble abode.

5. For the whimsical romantic:
Summer Finn’s apartment in (500) Days of Summer

500days3Summer’s refreshing residence is antique meets whimsy, from the blue and cream French toile wallpaper to the funky fairy lights wrapped around the wrought iron bed. The result is a cute and cozy apartment for a young romantic that doesn’t feel stuffy in the slightest, despite the traditional patterns and furniture.

6. For the man-child:
Josh Baskin’s loft apartment in Big

bigWho needs furniture when you have a basketball hoop in the middle of your spacious Soho loft? Josh’s toy-filled home ensures that there’s always something fun to play with to satiate anyone’s inner kid at heart.

7. For the sultry bohemian:
Satine’s Elephant Room in Moulin Rouge

moulin rougeSatine’s decadent crimson red and gold themed boudoir is full of rich velvet fabrics and gilded furniture. The dripping chandeliers, heavy, tassel fringed curtains and abundance of throw pillows and blankets complete the gaudy, yet luxurious, decor that any carefree seductress could call home.

8. For the swanky bachelor:
Adam Lang’s house in Ghost Writer

ghostwriter2The dark leather, dark wood, and sleek lines of Adam Lang’s beach house most decidedly screams bachelor pad, but the art on the walls and expensive-looking furnishings suggest that the man who occupies this house has very high tastes.

9. For the real-life Barbie:
Barbara Novak’s apartment in Down with Love

down with loveBarbara Novak is living in a Barbie world in this colorful, mid-century New York apartment. The fantastical, spiral staircase and fuschia half-moon sofa rounds off the Dreamhouse vibe of this playful penthouse–perfect for any Barbie-wannabe.

10. For the paranormal seeker:
The Allerdale Hall mansion in Crimson Peak

crimsonpeakThis crumbling Gothic romantic mansion in the English countryside howls with the wind, bleeds red clay, and is also, unsurprising, haunted. But the beautifully ornate architecture, lavish furniture, and rumbling fires just may convince anyone to overlook those other flaws. For paranormal obsessed thrill-seekers, it’s a match made in heaven!

11. For the outdoor enthusiast:
Nathan Bateman’s house in Ex Machina

ex-machina-movie-interiorsThis tech billionaire’s secluded mansion seamlessly nestles in with nature by quite literally bringing the outdoors in. Most true nature lovers would seek out adventure in the woods this modern home, but as an added bonus, they could also scale their way up that rock wall jutting into their living room. Very cool.

12. For the seriously bougie:
Jay Gatsby’s mansion in The Great Gatsby

greatgatsbyGatsby’s mansion, the epitome of nouveau-riche excess, is undoubtedly impressive. With gilded ceilings, tall, soaring windows and sweeping staircases, the grandness of this mammoth estate is fit for anyone looking to show off his or her super wealth.

Which movie homes capture your personality?