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10 Times You Had To Suspend Disbelief While Watching “The L Word”

Elizabeth Goldstein August 7, 2017 August 7th, 2017

In honor of The L Word returning, we have compiled a list of its most absurd moments. Obviously this show is highly appreciated for being the first major show on television that was thoroughly about queer women. The straight people were in the minority on this one for once! But like, have you seen it? We can’t not poke some fun at the absurd antics; from every relationship ending in cheating, to characters randomly disappearing for periods of time… So here it is, a non-exhaustive, but a pretty good non-the-less, list of The L Word‘s most ridiculous plot points. Please read with caution however, spoilers included.

  1. When Helena fired Bette, but then became friends with everybody like it was nothing…
    So remember when Helena was driving a wrench between Bette and Tina’s relationship, and even bought out Bette’s museum job? Hard to remember because Helena ends up pretty well integrated into the squad shortly after….Hm….
  2. When Alice talked to a cardboard cutout of Dana.
    After Dana and Alice break up (inexplicably of course, but it definitely involved Dana’s ex-girlfriend, Lara), Alice takes up chatting with a cardboard cutout for a little while. At least nobody on the show acts like this is normal.

    Alice Talks to Dana Cutout

  3. When Alice cried hysterically as “You Are My Sunshine” played in the background (Season 3, Episode 10)
  4. When Shane and Jenny started dating (Season 6, Episode 2)
    Just what???! Not meant to be together. Their friendship was on-point, but it felt like a ridiculous and desperate plot point to set them up together.
  5. Jenny’s weird flashbacks
    Jenny would randomly have a flashback to an inexplicable circus-related trauma? This was never explained of course. She would sometimes say random prayers in Hebrew too.
  6. When Max’s boyfriend abandoned him while he was pregnant (Season 6, Episode 4)
  7. How Shane lives next door to Bette and Tina
    Bette is an elite art center director, Tina is a movie executive. Meanwhile their next-door neighbors, Shane and Jenny are a hairdresser and an unemployed writer. How does this work?…Financially…
  8. What is Alice’s job?
    Well, she has a radio show, sometimes, and a blog, for part of the show. The writers of The L Word just took her gossip-y nature and made it her entire life, somehow.
  9. That time Ivan is ridiculously angry at Kit for walking in on him, even though he gave Kit the keys.
  10. Why is everybody they meet a lesbian? Or soon-to-become lesbian?