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10 ridiculous ways to stay warm during winter

Rosemary Scalabrino December 20, 2017 December 20th, 2017

With winter and the holidays well on the way, so are the snow and icy weather–but luckily, we poor, hairless humans have devised all kinds of creative ways to stay warm! So without further ado, here are 10 ways to keep you both cozy and ~styling.~ (These would also make great gifts for your frosty friend!)


1.Panda Nose Warmer

Winter always brings colds and flus to the party, and the cold virus loves a good chilly nose.  So why not keep you nose warm with this panda nose warmer?  Not only adorable, but effective.

(Esty- AuntMartyMadeIt)


2. Paw Print Chargeable Hand Warmer 

Gloves might not make for super practical office-wear, but this little UBS chargeable hand warmer is an adorable and super-functional desk accessory alternative! Take a quick break from typing and use this adorable double sided bear paw that heats up and can becharged with your own phone. It can reach up to 140 F…which seems extreme??  But definitely will keep those paws toasty warm.


3. Bob Ross Self-Painting Coffee Mug 

What worse than feeling cold in the morning? Feeling cold & exhausted without a good cup of coffee. And what makes a cup of coffee even better….? A Bob Ross Self-Painting Coffee Mug, obviously. Just pour in your hot cup of joe and a Bob Ross Painting will appear! It’s the little things in life, right?


3.5 Bob Ross Socks

What to match better with your Bob Ross mug and to keep your toes warm then a sweet pair of Bob Ross socks ?



4. Stranger Things Holiday Sweater 

We know we aren’t the only ones who are obsessed with Stranger Things. So why not stay warm like a full-on crazed fan in this sweater to show your gratitude that they just renewed for a third season!


5. Star Wars Empire Teapot

Coffee not your thing? Tea’s always good to keep the flu vibes away , and this beautiful Star Wars Ceramic tea pot will go great with all of your other nerdy movie memorabilia.


Maybe your face wont get cold to often but if it does this seems like a lot of fun. This “sleepy time tea-smelling” face pillow is the best way to spend you a snuggly sunday evening before the start of the work week. Perfect for if you didn’t end up purchasing the panda nose warmer and caught a cold.
What would be your Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug with out a handy heating pad to keep it piping hot? This convenient mug warmer connects through USB to your computer. Though we do not suggest having beverages by your keyboard, if you do, this is perfect for the office!
We got your hands covered, but don’t think we forgot about your feet. These Smoko Unicorn LIGHT UP Slippers are basically a must around the house, before bed, at work, in the club… The lights cycle through different rainbow colors and will for sure make you the envy of all your friends.
We don’t know where you office is–but if it gets as cold as ours, this winter mouse pad is pretty much key.
This owl fan is a real hoot for all seasons–because it’s both a fan and a heater! BAM. So good for both cold office days and hot summer nights.