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4 Most Offensive Quotes From The Geniuses Behind ‘Co-Working Space “Exclusive To Men”‘

Audrey O'Brien November 2, 2016 November 2nd, 2016

Two Australian dudes have started a entrepreneurship to address “innovative way to address male related social issues.” Their idea? To make a co-working space that’s totally exclusive to men. That’s right. No women allowed. Probably because they just feel so uncomfortable and out of place being swarmed by the millions of women in their female dominated industry. Oh wait.

Their actual logic? A bunch of reasons that will make you throw up in your mouth a little.

They look exactly what you would expect them to look like:

Doucheface1 and Doucheface2

It’s honestly quite hard to make it through their interviews with having your faith for humanity left in contact at all, which is why I did the research so you wouldn’t have to. It was painful, and I hope you appreciate my hard work. Here are their four quotes that make you hope that this is an elaborate pierce for The Onion, but I assure you, it’s not.

“We’d been working in coffee shops and at home and it wasn’t that conducive to working,” Monaghan said. “We both had a mate who ended up in a violent situation with his wife. He pushed his wife over.”

Okay first of all, WHY IS THIS MAN YOUR MATE? Second, aw, that poor man, forced to work at home with the woman he chose to marry and then forced to abuse her because the poor dude was working at HOME. How could he not?

Along those same lines…

“Depression and suicide result from a lack of social support and community. Having a space where they [men] can be men is more of a preventative measure,” Monaghan said. “Healthy, happy men don’t hit their wives.”

This quote is like the meninist version of Elle Woods.

They just don’t!

“We live in a stoic culture,” he said. “As guys in Australia we’re told to suck it up. When women are around we have trouble being vulnerable. We’re helping men who are professional. It’s a healthy environment for men.”

Because that’s definitely a problem with the women in that situation, not the patriarchy.

“I’m 25 and I’ve grown up in this culture where we don’t have any rites of passage. In other cultures you go out and hunt in a forest for three days. We just hit 15 and start drinking. There’s a real loss of identity for men. We used to go to war together. Girls do it better naturally, they have tea parties and stuff.”

Oh yeah, tea parties and stuff.

In conclusion, I hope these men aren’t married. I’m going to go take an angry nap now.

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